"When I came to the incubator I felt lost in my career...and my life. I was waking up in the mornings wondering if I would ever find a way to shine again...Uprising led me back to myself. I found community and felt not alone. It made me a better mom, a better wife, and I now have my dream job and a new career."

- Kerry Roark, Director, Scientific Communications at Gilead Sciences

“I joined the Leadership Incubator because I needed a push to take the final steps of really accepting and being a powerful CEO of a growing Company. I am now recognized by my colleagues as to my successes and strength. I now feel empowered, enabled, and strong.” 

- Jackie Kleinman, CEO, KB Financial Advisors  

“The Leadership Incubator helped me reinvest in myself as a leader who wants the best for her team. I have found joy again!”

-Suzanne Kuczun, Director of Marketing and Development 

“Thanks to the Incubator, I have more courage, expanded my perspective, and am reaching for my dreams. I am brave.”

-Shari Thompson, M.D. 


“I was someone who tolerated dysfunctional living situations, less than desirable wages, and romantic isolation. I felt like a victim much of the time. I stayed stuck.”  


“I take time each day to check in with my inner wisdom about what she has to say. This work gave me my life back. I live with more passion, joy, grace, and creativity.”

- Katie Leathers

"Amy Blew Me Away! She is incredibly gifted in her ability to coach her clients, not only asking the right, probing questions, but also making space for them to gain access to their own truth. I highly recommend working with Amy in any capacity. After spending time with Amy, you will no doubt walk away with new insights that can drive major change in your life."  

- Heather McClellan, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Intuit

Working with Amy

Working with Amy

"Working with Amy was a supportive and nurturing experience. I felt held in my business and my personal process with my business. Amy helped me double my price and I had my best year to date working with her. Doing the work around money blocks was key for me in catapulting my business. I highly recommend her if you need support in getting to the next level (which let's face it....we all do!)."

~Charmayne Kilcup Ph.D

"Coaching with Amy really helped me search within me, rather than outside of me. I learned I can actually accomplish what I set out to do.”  

 - Helen De La Cruz, Account Manager, Oakwood Housing Worldwide

"I just want to say that 2 weeks into our work together, the investment is worth it. Period.  I’m just blown away by what shifts and opens up in the world just when you say YES to yourself…The plan, the structure, the SUPPORT...I feel calmer than I’ve ever known. More purposeful. More passionate. And just SAFE…knowing what’s next. How to stand in my power.”  

-Julie Santiago, Visionary Coach

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